Thursday, June 4, 2009

First Day of Summer Vacation!

So, instead of "Tweeting" or uploading my facebook/myspace status, I decided to keep a blog of my summer. I want to be able record everything that happens...

Today, I rode my bicycle over to my friend Nicole's house. It was around a five mile ride, and I swear, it was DISGUSTING. Ugh... And to make things worse, I was carrying balloons on my handle bars so they were flapping around me. Hahaha. It must have been quite a sight, I must say.

At Nicole's, we watched the movie "Superbad" and it was actually really, really funny. I loved it A LOT. I think my favorite part was when they were all running from the cops and Michael Cera was hiding in a bush. And then he came out and goes; "Should I run now?" I just found that incredibly funny.

I also was going to go to a summer party type-thing, but ended up not going. Instead, I watched the Butterfly Effect: Resolution or something like that. It was good. Kinda scary, but it had a very unique, unexpected ending.

Hmm... I'm off to get ready for bed. Night<3

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