Saturday, July 18, 2009

at the airport:]

Ahhh, I just love traveling. Seriously, there aren't many other joys I have in this world that can compare to flying for going somewhere different. Here are some places I would really like to go in my lifetime:

1) New York City (Yeah, I know that it's a sin that I've never been.)
New York City! Pictures, Images and Photos
2) Paris, France
Bar le Baltard, Marais District, Paris
3) Milan, Italy
Go Straight
4) Venice, Italy
Red boat - Venice
5) An Ashram in India
20061015_122049 vashista ashram sadhu


  1. I miss traveling! I've been to Paris and Venice, and I would definitely recommend them. Traveling is just fun altogether :)

  2. New York City is my dream destination! I may get to go this fall; I'm so excited! You listed some really interesting places, I hope you get to visit them someday :)

  3. awhwhwhhwh; i hope you do!:D Thankkss!